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The Best 10 Inventions Unusual Weight Loss Simulator

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So you think you've tried every method of weight loss there. How about a rubber ball in your stomach. Or if that's not your thing how about a belt of weight loss simulator reduction. These unusual methods of losing weight are not just something to do, but the patent is granted by the Patent Office of the United States. 

Since the search began for the perfect body, the inventors have developed creative gear to help us get there. The variety of these creative inventions are devices that you can put in your body and have the gadgets that help you better perform the exercises. Some of the inventions you may remember modern appliances that you see every day, while others are quite unique. Despite their differences and appearance, there main goal is to help you. 

Here are 10 of these inventions of unusual weight loss body simulator and sometimes bizarre patents that have been issued by the Patent Office of the United States. And if you wonder how some of these inventions were able to grant a patent, the American standard Patent Office is an invention must be novel and non-obvious. What does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Patent # 4485805 - rubber balloon in the stomach 

The present invention is positioned without surgery rubber balloon is filled with a fluid in the stomach. Balloons in aid weight loss simulator by occupying space in the stomach, and therefore allow you to feel full without eating more food. 

Patent # 7264600 - virtual weight loss reduction belt

This belt fits on your stomach and consists of a tube with the pump pressure sensor and a masseur. The invention operates to maintain the tube at a constant pressure. The signals from the pressure sensor for controlling the bladder to inflate or deflate browser. The pressure of the air chamber is supposed to reduce food intake and hunger, while the massager helps to further control your hunger between meals 

Patent # 5876312 - Reaction staff Peso 

This little beauty allows you to adjust your fitness by putting up four steel balls in the chamber. In addition, it is also sold as a protection against offenders like thieves and animals. 

Patent # 5167561 - Doll simulate weight gain 

The doll is designed to demonstrate the effects of different foods by simulating the body weight loss simulator gain and virtual weight loss sections inflate and deflate the air from the cuff. Its purpose is to educate and inform children about food issues. 

Patent # 5700231 - Loss of weight Suit 

The invention is a costume containing resistance structures such as elastic rubber and nylon. The resistance created by elastic structures that the user would have to spend more energy to move and thus burn more calories. 

Patent # 3205888 - Exercise and machine vibrations 

This invention enables various Fitness Exercises in one machine. With it you can simulate running, rowing, body lifting and when you are finished exercising, you can also use it as a masseur. 

Patent # 4079933 - abdominal exercise device for

This invention allows squats. It consists of a safety harness attached to a pulley and addresses where the user of the apparatus used to effect abs. 

Patent # 4013287 - Leg exerciser for your car 

This device is designed to stop exercising while driving your car. It is attached to the dashboard and includes an elastic band that you can rent and forth. It's tempting to congestion. 

Patent # 3920240 - Setting Portable exercise 

This exercise equipment is designed to be portable and to be pressed against a wall. With this little baby, you can do deep squats, calve raises of and also acts as a stepper for aerobic training. It looks like a small one a step down and a rod that holds the top. 

Patent # 7150141 - waist chain 

This invention includes links in a chain that is designed to be the place tightly around his waist. When the user puts on virtual weight loss, the chain becomes increasingly difficult. If you think you can do the same thing with a belt, then you are right on the money. 

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